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Management Skills Portfolio

To acquire a complete competency in the management and staff, every company requires a portfolio competency for each of their employee and the development scenario onwards. Scenario is purposely through several activities and assignments. 

A structural development occur at in class training, however the next development should be implement it at work place, through coaching and individual evaluation progress. The necessity to have a trainer whom consistently delivers technical guidance to each individual in every company also increased. Every manager should involve actively in the competency development for their staff with the Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Management Competencies

Every company or corporation entitle to have a highly management competency for each individual in top management. A strong management will bring the whole employee to achieve the maximum productivity on the contrary; a less fundamental management will bring a downfall for the company. * Another technical skill is require which is inclined with business and functional. 


Fundamental of Skill

Basically, each individual needs to develop two aspect of competency, which is Hard Skill (Technical Skill) and Soft Skill (People Skill). Soft Skill or also known as People Skill is basis of leadership competency development. Management in general is more likely to focus on hard skill competency. Meanwhile the success of a company depends on its employee, and the success itself will depend on the teamwork.  Soft skill competency will be a dominant necessity to produce an optimum teamwork synergy and maximum productivity.