Trusted Partner in People and Corporate Development


We area training and consulting institution in Management, Leadership, and Business. We deliver a very applicative training for corporate leaders, starting from Supervisor until Board of Directors.

The Management & Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is one of our core training package that includes personal development or Self Skill, People Skill, Work Skill, and Business Skill. We also provide several professional skill development, such as : Selling Skill, Presentation Skill, etc.

The training methodology are very practical, interactive and comprehensive, which is delivered through Presentation, real case discussion, Group/Individual Exercise, role-play, Game in the form of Movie/Video, Photo/Pictures.

Xerofi Partners are practitioner that has management experience for more than 30 years, and has worked in some of multinational and national company. Our group of partners have ample of competencies in delivering management consultancies and executive assistance in various Human Resource management aspects, developing a corporate strategic plan and facing challenges for making change/ corporate transformation.


Our Mission

To develop people competencies and company productivity through comprehensive Human Resources training program and Corporate Development Program.


Our Vision

To be recognized as a national asset institution in Human Resources and Corporate Development.


Philosophy of Xerofi

Xerofi originally comes from Indonesian word “Xerofit”, a type of plant that able to live and grow in fertile land and/or in barren dessert.

Meaning, we try to develop corporate leaders to be a professional and competent leader that able to lead and work productively either in a stable economic conditions and/or also in a difficult environment.